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This page updated December 28, 2018.

Safety first is expected at all MABA demonstrations. Safety glasses must be worn during demonstrations.

First and foremost this calendar is to keep members up to date on our activities. Guests and visitors are welcome at demonstrations! Anyone interested in learning more about blacksmithing is encouraged to attend. Please review these safety issues before attending an event.

A typical MABA Demonstration

The date and time for a demonstration is usually Saturday at noon. Many of the members work Saturday morning or need travel time so noon has worked out well for our group. Gathering at noon we share a pot-luck lunch and plenty of conversation. Please bring a dish to pass if you are able. This is a great time to get to know the other members, ask questions and share information. The event is typically held at a member's shop and the host is often the demonstrator for the afternoon. Members, guests and visitors attending will spend about 2 hours enjoying the demonstration

Four times a year the group has a business meeting. Three meetings are held at a demonstration and the fourth is our Annual elections/meeting/Auction/Pot-luck Christmas party in December. The calendar listing will note if the demonstration will also be a business meeting.

Also listed on the calendar

Other activities around Michigan will also be listed on the calendar. These include events where MABA blacksmiths have been invited to demonstrate and/or sell to the public. Please consider attending these activities as they are another wonderful way to gain and share information about blacksmithing.

The last activities included on the calendar are events hosted by ABANA or other ABANA affiliates.

Please contact an Officer for pertinent information about any activity.

Calendar 2019

January 2019

  • Saturday, January 19, at noon
  • Hosted by Christine & Kevin Keena
    CJ Forge
    86 E. 10 Mile, Hazel Park, MI 48030
    Scholarship Demonstration: by Jody Osentoski for a Tillers Knife Making Class
    Iron-In-The-Hat: Letter Opener

February 2019

  • Saturday, February 16, at noon
  • Hosted by Larry Carrigan
    Shady Maple Forge
    Rives Junction, MI 49277
    Demonstration: Larry will demonstrate scrolls and collars
    Iron-In-The-Hat: Something that includes a scroll
  • ***MABA Coal will be available!***

March 2019

  • Saturday, March 23, at noon
  • MABA Business Meeting
    Hosted by Patti and Rod Lange
    Steelhead Fab & Forge
    Romulus MI 48174
    Demonstration: 16th Century mouse traps
    Iron-In-The-Hat: cheese cutter

April 2019

  • Meeting To Be Announced

May 2019

  • MABA Business Meeting
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May, 17-18-19
    Hammer-In, Tompkins Center Park

June 2019

July 2019

August 2019

September 2019

October 2019

  • MABA Business Meeting (TBA)

November 2019

  • Meeting To Be Announced

December 2019

  • MABA Business Meeting (TBA)

Safety First!

Whereas the craft of blacksmithing is a potentially dangerous activity, any guest/visitor attending an activity hosted by the Michigan Artist Blacksmith Association will be required to sign the Liability Release form and wear safety glasses while in the demonstration area or during a demonstration or anytime ANY metal work is being preformed at the demonstration area.

Please turn in your signed release form to any MABA officer at the MABA event.

Guests and visitors to an event must understand the unique safety issues involved with hot iron. Sparks Fly! Tools Break!

  • Wear safety glasses.
  • Wear natural fiber clothes like cotton. Synthetics are more flammable and they melt, potentially contributing to serious burns.
  • Wear closed toe shoes, leather if possible, high top leather is best.
  • Assume all iron; stock, tools, vises etc. are HOT.
  • Resist the urge to grab for falling objects. They can be very HOT.
  • Wear Ear Protection!